Welcome to our Links Page.  Here you can find some of our favourite suppliers, partners, friends’ brands and generally just people we’re happy to associate with.

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 Stuart Homer Photography Ltd. 

 Stuart Homer has been a huge asset to us as a professional photographer, so much so that he’s effectively part of the band!

Stuart’s live music photography is nothing short of amazing (and it’s not just us that think so).  He has a knack of capturing the raw emotion of a live music performance, resulting in images that are so much more than just pictures of us and our instruments. His work has been recognised by the Directors of the Cavern Club as the best they’ve seen – no small achievement and many of his images have been commissioned by The Cavern too.

Stuart has also carried out all our portrait photography. He’s just as at home in the studio or out on location and he’s also a very experienced wedding photographer.  He lists his capabilities to include Weddings, Portraits, Corporate & Location, Charities, Events (including on-site printing) and Pets.  We’d recommend contacting Stu whatever your requirements are on: 01772 862206 / 07970 307298 /

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